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The South African National Clinical Trials Register provides the public with updated information on clinical trials on human participants being conducted in South Africa. The Register provides you with information on a trials purpose; who can participate, where the trial is located, and contact details.
GSK Study Register.
We recognise the importance of publicly disclosing clinical research on our medicines. GSK Study Register. In 2004 we introduced the GSK Study Register a place where anyone can access information about the clinical research we carry out on our medicines.
UMIN Clinical Trials Registry UMIN-CTR.
Registering and updating trial information. Entering your trial information and updating UMIN ID and password are required. Entering your trial information. You can suspend your registration procedure in mid course and resume it by clicking here. Updating your registered trial information.
Clinical Trials Registry India CTRI. Clinical Trial Registry India.
Today, any researcher who plans to conduct a trial involving human participants, of any intervention such as drugs, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, devices, educational or behavioral treatment, rehabilitation strategies as well as trials being conducted in the purview of the Department of AYUSH http// is expected to register the trial in the CTRI before enrollment of the first participant.
Clinical Trials Registers en lopend onderzoek LUMC.
Onderwijs en opleidingen. Bachelor Klinische Technologie. Master Vitality and Ageing. Nascholing voor artsen en onderzoekers. Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden. Over Onderwijs en Opleidingen. Over het LUMC. Organisatie A Z. Allereerste publicatie / Oude referenties. Alternatief gebruik van PubMed. Apps en mobiele websites. Author Identifiers / ORCID / ResearcherID. Boeken rubrieken van veelgebruikte onderwerpen. Citaten / Quotations / Stellingen. Citaties / Impact Factors. Clinical Trials Registers en lopend onderzoek.
Registratie Trial register en intellectueel eigendomsrecht Open Universiteit Open Universiteit.
Registratie Trial register en intellectueel eigendomsrecht. Registratie Trial register en intellectueel eigendomsrecht. Onderzoekers dienen prospectief vergelijkend mensgebonden medisch onderzoek voorafgaand aan de start van het onderzoek te registeren in het Nederlands Trial Register NTR. Registratie van experimenteel interventieonderzoek is verplicht, bij observationeel onderzoek geldt de verplichting niet.
How to Register Your Study. How to Edit Your Study Record. How to Submit Your Results. Frequently Asked Questions. Resources Selected Publications. Clinical Alerts and Advisories. Trends, Charts, and Maps. Downloading Content for Analysis. About Site What's' New. About the Results Database. History, Policies, and Laws. Linking to This Site. Terms and Conditions. is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.
Clinical Trials Register.
About the EU clinical trials register. Clinical trial sponsors. National medicine regulatory authorities. The European Union Clinical Trials Register allows you to search for protocol and results information on.: interventional clinical trials that are conducted in the European Union EU and the European Economic Area EEA.;
Once you find a relevant trial, you will be able to contact the person listed as the public contact on the trial record for more information. Want to register a trial? REGISTER YOUR TRIAL. In order to fulfil the prospective registration requirement, i.e.
Wetenschappelijk onderzoek Nederlands Trial register NTR.
Bevacizumab Avastin is het eerste anti-angiogenese medicijn dat wordt gebruikt bij kanker. Nederlands Trial register NTR Nederlands Trial register NTR. Het NTR is een openbaar toegankelijk en vrij te doorzoeken prospectief trialregister, waarin studies staan geregistreerd die lopen in Nederland of worden uitgevoerd door Nederlandse onderzoekers.
Trial registration.
A clinical trial is any study which meets the World Health Organisation WHO definition: any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes" You can find more information about trial registration and what counts as a health-related intervention and a health outcome on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ICMJE website. If you are carrying out a clinical trial, you must register it in an approved clinical trial registry before you enrol the first patient.
Clinical trial registration Wikipedia.
4 Overview of clinical trial registries. Creation and development edit. For many years, scientists and others have worried about reporting biases such that negative or null results from initiated clinical trials may be less likely to be published than positive results, thus skewing the literature and our understanding of how well interventions work. 5 This worry has been international and written about for over 50 years. 6 One of the proposals to address this potential bias was a comprehensive register of initiated clinical trials that would inform the public which trials had been started.

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